Top BBB Services You Should be Using

Better Business Bureau is more than just a place to file complaints. For 100 years, BBB has helped consumers like you make smarter buying decisions, and is evolving to meet fast changing marketplace needs. Part of that commitment is offering several services to you at no cost 24 hours a day.

The next time you are unsure about a business, need the latest update on a scam, or want to file a complaint, make sure you take advantage of these free BBB resources:

  1. Find an Accredited Business – BBB’s online directory, Member Pages, lists BBB Accredited Businesses in more than 4,000 searchable categories. You can localize your search to find businesses in your area and click on each company name to view their BBB Business Review.
  2. Request a quote from thousands of trustworthy businesses – Receive free price quotes directly to your email from more than 9,500 BBB Accredited Businesses with BBB’s Request a Quote program. This saves you time by not having to search for contact information over the Internet and make multiple phone calls. You can request quotes from several companies at a time by clicking the “Request a Quote” button on BBB’s homepage.
  3. Check out a business or charity – Use BBB’s search function to check out businesses and charities from our comprehensive database of BBB Business Reviews. Here you can research if a company is BBB Accredited, their rating with BBB and details on any complaints, advertising issues or government actions filed against them in the last 36 months.
  4. Sign up for news and scam alerts – Sign up for BBB’s News Alerts and receive the latest updates on marketplace issues, tips and scams in your community two to three times a week via email.

~ Erik