Hiring a locksmith may unlock trouble

Locksmith in Austin warns consumers to be wary when hiring someone to pick a lock or make a key

BBB recently investigated locksmiths in all our markets (Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Waco, Loredo, Victoria and Midland). Some of what we uncovered was typical bad business practices, like what happened to a man who was locked out of his house in Austin. He hired a locksmith who promised a $39 service call, and ended up charging more than $500. Another man hired a locksmith in San Antonio, who charged more than $200 to replace a very basic lock.

We were shocked by other allegations we heard. One locksmith in Austin said he was threatened by another locksmith for exposing bad advertising practices. Another locksmith shared his horror stories about customers locked out of cars, houses and apartments who were bullied, threatened and charged exorbitant amounts of money.

Read the full investigation, and advice on hiring a locksmith, at our news center: Locksmiths unlock customer frustrations


  1. Jackjonny says:

    It is important to check up the background of a locksmith before hiring to avoid problems. Thanks for posting such a useful tips of hiring a locksmith.

    1. Thanks! We’re glad you found the post useful.

      ~ Erik

  2. Unfortunately, when anyone hires a locksmith they are in a vulnerable position. You need their help, and many times locksmiths take advantage of this by ripping people off. To avoid getting ripped off, make sure you get a quote from the locksmith before he opens the door, if the locksmith then changes the price, just tell him that was not the deal, and if he does not do it for the price he quoted, say you will call another locksmith, or better still, the police.

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