New app lets consumers compare prescription dugs prices in their local area

At the end of January, LowestMed announced the launch of its mobile app. The app – available for iPhone and Android users – allows consumers to view and compare prescription drug prices at supermarket and pharmacy chains in their local area. If you don’t have an iPhone or a Droid, you can also compare prices on the LowestMed website.

“Most consumers don’t realize that prices can vary widely by pharmacy, and that up until this point the only way to do price comparisons on a local level was to go to each pharmacy and submit an insurance claim,” said Brad Bangerter, CEO of LowestMed.

The LowestMed app enables consumers to save money in multiple ways. When a LowestMed customer needs to fill a prescription and enters the medication name on the new app, LowestMed provides a list of discounted prices at nearby pharmacies of both name brand prescription drugs and their generic alternatives.