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TSSB action highlights investment risks

This week, the Texas State Securities Board issued disciplinary orders against two Corpus Christi investment advisors. Jimmy Wayne Freeman Jr. and Kris Bradford Rhoden were accused of selling securities that they were not licensed to sell. Those securities were back … Continue reading

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An Alleged Fake Pay Day Loan Debt Collection Operation Collects Almost $5 Million From Victims, According to FTC

The Federal Trade Commission announced yesterday that a U.S. District Court has stopped an alleged fake operation that collected  almost $5 million in payday loan debts from consumers that did not really owe. According to the FTC release, the scammers … Continue reading

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Celebrate National Consumer Protection Week with Your BBB!

The 14th celebration of National Consumer Protection Week will be held March 4 – March 10. Along with numerous other government organizations and nonprofits across the country, BBB is going the extra mile in encouraging every consumer to take full … Continue reading

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New app lets consumers compare prescription dugs prices in their local area

At the end of January, LowestMed announced the launch of its mobile app. The app – available for iPhone and Android users – allows consumers to view and compare prescription drug prices at supermarket and pharmacy chains in their local … Continue reading

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New Health Insurance Regulations Make Health Insurance Policies Easier to Understand

On Feb. 9 the Department of Health & Human Services announced the consumers could soon look forward to plainer, more straightforward language about their health care plans. Published regulations in the Affordable Care Act require that descriptions of what their … Continue reading

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Five tips for finding a trustworthy tax preparer

The deadline for filing your 2011 tax return is still two months away (April 17), but companies offering tax preparation services have already begun advertising heavily. Completing your tax return early will bring Uncle Sam’s refund check to your bank … Continue reading

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Is your home safe? Consumer Reports say about half of appliance fires not caused by human error

In the March addition of Consumer Reports magazine is an article about appliance fires and how about half off fires caused by appliances “appear to be due to problems with the appliances themselves,” not consumer error. The Consumer Product Safety … Continue reading

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Keep an eye out for fake reviews

When you’re checking out a new business, your first stop should always be Better Business Bureau. But, no smart consumer relies on one source alone. Online customer reviews can be an invaluable source for information about the overall customer experience … Continue reading

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350+ Self-help Websites Scamming Consumers Out of Money

How closely do you look at your credit card bill when it comes in? Do you take the time to go through each purchase to make sure it was actually a purchase you made and authorized? Chances are, if you’re … Continue reading

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