Five Tips for Smooth Gift Returns and Exchanges

Inevitably, you or someone in your family will need to return or exchange a gift you receive this weekend. This year, many retailers are adopting stricter return policies in order to crack down on return fraud. While most stores will require a receipt, others may require you to show identification when returning items. Other retailers may only allow in-store credit for returns.

To make gift returns and exchanges as easy as possible, follow these tips:

Don’t delay too long. In almost every case, a store will require an item be returned within a specific time frame. If you wait too long, you may miss your chance to return the item.

Read the return policy on your receipt before going to the store. Most return policies will be listed on a company’s website or on the back of the receipt. Make sure to fully understand what’s required for a return or exchange, and if you have questions, call the store directly and ask about your specific situation.

Keep original packaging. Some stores may require products be returned in original purchase condition, unused or un-opened.

Bring identification. Some retailers will ask for identification when making a return. Some may also ask for the credit card used to purchase the item.

Don’t assume you will get cash back. If you don’t have the original receipt for the item you’re returning, chances are you will only receive store credit or be allowed to exchange the item. Even with a gift receipt, many stores will only offer store credit.

~ Erik

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  1. Dayna gallagher says:

    It is unclear the purpose of a merchant such as Tuesday Morning, would ask for a State ID for a recent purchase/return less than $75.00 with a receipt. Inquiry at the store level and their corporate representative stated “it is their new policy.” I refused their request and was granted a return only by the Corporate Rep. This is indeed unfortunate, as I will refrain from any furure purchases.

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