Ignore Unsolicited Faxes Promising Pre-Approved Loans

We’re used to seeing spam email in our inboxes or getting the occasional solicitation on our phone, but how many of you have received an unsolicited fax at work? Just today, we received one in our office claiming we were pre-approved for a $75,000 equipment loan. The fax was from an account manager named Dave Thomas who claimed he spoke with an employee regarding this equipment loan.

Mr. Thomas included several items for us to fill out, asking how much money we needed, how long of a loan term we wanted, our monthly payment budget and contact information. We knew right away no one at our office had inquired about a business loan, but there is a chance for businesses that are looking for loans to get themselves in trouble if they do not do background research on these types of solicitations.

If you receive an unsolicited fax at work similar to what we received, simply ignore it. Be proactive and call several local lenders to discuss your options if you believe you may need a business loan. Additionally, the Federal Communications Commission has strict rules on unsolicited fax advertising. For more information on those rules, visit www.fcc.gov/guides/fax-advertising.

~ Erik


  1. Lendio says:

    Although there are really garbage fax messages that offer garbage message but there are still legit messages that are waiting to be noticed.

    1. You’re absolutely right. There are legitimate fax transmissions that businesses can receive with legitimate products or services to offer. The important thing to remember is to do your research before responding to one.

      ~ Erik

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