Be on the Lookout for Radio Advertising Scams

Business owners should be on the lookout for a new scam, reported by Entercom Austin, owner of Majic 95.5, Mix 94.7 and KJCE Talk 1370/96.3.

Con artists are calling business owners soliciting ads for a local radio station. They may even go so far as to produce a clip. However, the seller is not associated with the radio station, and eventually disappears with your money.

Alan Kirshbom, the general manager of Entercom, said this is one of many similar scams happening nationwide, and at least one local business has lost money because of it.

In order to avoid falling victim, remember to never provide credit card, bank account or other financial information to solicitors over the phone. If you are interested in buying advertising, contact the station yourself using a phone number or address you found on your own.

~ Amy


  1. awalts says:

    IMPORTANT BEWARE—All business beware of a fake radio scam from the telephone # of 773-293-6141 out of Ilinois.

    This telephone number is out of Illinois and they will pitch that they are providing a “public service announcement” and want to feature your business as the “Sponsor”.

    They try saying that they are one of our local stations BUT IT’S NOT TRUE.

    My business is located in Massachusetts.

    I turned the information over to our REAL local radio station that’s being impersonated.

    This scam artist has gone as far as pre-recording an actual soundbite with your business name.


    If you are unsure……..hang up.

    Then call the REAL RADIO STATION in our area.

    For real advertising, it has been my REAL EXPERIENCE that a REAL SALES rep will call on your business if they are in the REAL AREA.

    They will have REAL CREDENTIALS.

  2. Thanks for posting this scam warning. People and even business firms should be aware who to trust on radio advertising. Have background check on your choice of provider. Be aware and listen to both sides of every story. That will help you decide on whether to pursue with every decision, be aware of your choices. Thanks for the post!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the information!

  3. Sue Watts says:

    777-273-7369 – offering radio ads for pre-pay $700. Will not supply specifics

    1. Thanks for the report. It’s a good idea to be cautious with so many scams floating around.

      1. john pearson says:

        They are still at it, I got a phone call today asking for 700 bucks for 5 days of advertising with the same tactics as described.

  4. Ana Reyes says:

    I was making a phone call to a fabric store (we own an Upholstery Shop) and this guy was on the phone (WAS GREAT TALKER) (never saw the tel #) (id said Douglas Fabrics #(773) 516-4808), but said after a while of me asking they were from Blue Print Broadcasting. So all along I thought I’m talking to a rep from Douglas Fabrics (where I was making the call). He made this offer for Safety Program and offered to make us an ad that will air in NBC SPORTS for a weekend prime time . He had 2 costs 1 OF $534 and the other for $334. I first told him we could not afford it for now and he kept sweet talking me until I gave in for the $334, but he said I could pay by Sept 1st. They DO NOT have my cc info just the business address and my name where they will be mailing the invoice for me to pay. I looked up the info while he kept giving more info and came across this valuable info which now I’m freaking out. Although, they have no payment info., he recorded the conversation saying it is a verbal agreement. A marketing dept. will be calling me. Now I’m not sure if this is legit or not. Could I get out of this without being legally liable???

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