New scams targeting consumers

BBB has been made aware of two new scams targeting consumers:

1. The first scam involves Facebook. There have been posts going around claiming Southwest Airlines is giving away two FREE tickets if you like and comment on their Facebook page. However, Southwest recently tweeted about the “giveaway” saying this:

“… There is a scam being passed around on Facebook … Please don’t click or share the links!”

If you receive anything on Facebook or see that a Facebook friend has won free Southwest tickets, do not click on any of the links; this is a scam.

2. The other scam we’ve recently been made aware of is a phone scam. A consumer out of Midland recently received a call from an unknown caller claiming he had won $2.5 million and a Mercedes. The caller then told the consumer that UPS would arrive shortly but before they did he would need to go down to a local store and buy $550 dollars in pre-paid credit cards. The caller even provided a package number and an ID number. Realizing this was a scam, the consumer hung up and called the police who then alerted BBB.

If you receive a call claiming you’ve won a sweepstakes, consider the following:

  1. Ask questions. Callers should identify who they are, who they work for and how you supposedly won the prize. Generally, you cannot win a prize if you have not entered a contest.
  2. Be cautious of unknown callers. If someone calls stating you have “won” or been “gifted” or “prized” with anything of value, think twice and act smart. Especially if the callers use the name of an official entity, make certain that you go “off the call” and contact the official entity to confirm the information
  3. Report all suspicious behavior. If you fall victim to a similar scam, report the burglary immediately to your local police so they can begin an investigation.

Should you hear of a scam, contact your BBB and let us know!

-Erin R.



  1. Actually they called me then sent me to website..there claiming to be a nonprofit org. To help people with foreclosures that there a legal team to help lower income people not sure if there legit ..I did however give them some information for I am in foreclosure but not all of my info . Today I’m wonderin if its a scam . I baby get ahold of anyone at business bureau so I’m contacting you some ph # they use and gave me are 954-603-2062..954-534-7596…954-861-5855 names are buddy Lambert and Joshua Ryan being I’m despite to keep my home I would appreciate if someone could please tell me if there legit thank you andrea Carmer they are suppose to be out of fortlauderdale Florida

    1. Andrea, not knowing the name of the company in question, I cannot provide a BBB Business Review on the company. You should contact your mortgage lender to discuss your options before looking into any foreclosure relief services.

  2. Rosie Williams says:

    oh i got a message like that on my Facebook. Told me i just needed to convince 30 people to like a page and then I can claim my free tickets for a cruise at this phone number 503-302-7137. I did as instructed, thinking this could be like an online job, and then contacted the phone number. When i did, it said “The number you’re calling is no longer in service.” Yeah right!

    When i looked it up online, i got this complaints Apparently, this scammer’s been around for sometime already. Phew!

    1. Social media has really opened the door for more and more scams. I’m really glad nothing bad happened to your computer Rosie! Thank you for telling your story. I’m sure it will help others.

      ~ Erik

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