Two More Cyber-Scams Stalking Consumers’ Inboxes

This morning, we sent a warning to consumers across the country to be on the lookout for five common social media scams rearing their collective ugly heads. Unfortunately, right on cue, we came across two more cyber-scams today that you need to know about.

Fake Twitter Notification:
Our senior vice president received an email supposedly from Twitter declaring she had an unread direct message. The email came from “” and featured a shortened URL to click on to read the direct message. We did not click the link, but two other links to “Twitter support” and to manage your subscription revealed the destination to not be connected to If you receive a suspicious message claiming to be from Twitter, take an extra 30 seconds and log into your Twitter account and click the messages tab to confirm.

Google Anniversary Sweepstakes:
This one is a bit more obvious because it is addressed to “Email Owner,” however, the dead giveaway to this scam is that it claims to be from the Anniversary Centre of Google Inc. in London, England for the amount of 800,000 pounds. While it is true that Google is a worldwide brand, you would assume if they were truly giving away 20 grand prizes for their 11th Anniversary, it would be based out of California where the company actually started. Nonetheless, if you receive this email, please disregard it and do not send any personal information overseas.

If you come across any other cyber-scams, feel free to comment and let us know.

~ Erik