BBB Invites You to the 2011 Fall Shred Day

Your BBB is offering FREE shredding and recycling at the 7th semi-annual fall Shred Day events this month. BBB will be at the following locations collecting up to 5 boxes of paper documents for shredding and recycling.

Corpus Christi:
Saturday, Oct. 15, at the KIII-TV studios (5002 S. Padre Island Dr.)

Saturday, Oct. 22, at Dell’s Round Rock Campus (Building 8; 2401 Greenlawn Blvd.)

San Antonio:
Saturday, Oct. 22, at the Wonderland of Americas Mall (4522 Fredericksburg Rd.)

Saturday, Oct. 29, at 1st National Bank Texas (2201 Trimmier Rd.)

Permian Basin:
* All events held at Complex Community Federal Credit Union

– Saturday, Oct. 15, (4900 E 52nd St, Odessa)
– Monday, Oct. 17, (1301 N Main St, Andrews)
– Saturday, Oct. 22, (310 W Longview Ave, Midland)
– Monday, Oct. 24, (1117 S Stockton Ave, Monahans)

No RSVP required. We can’t wait to see YOU there!

Why Shred?
1) According to the Consumer Sentinel Network, over 24,000 Texans became victims of identity theft in 2010.

2) The most common forms of identity theft occur through forging driver’s licenses and personal government documents. To help take away the access to these materials, you should dispose of sensitive documents that contain this information.

Why Recycle?
1) According to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, nearly 7 million personal records were compromised from lost or stolen portable devices like cell phones and PDAs last year.

2) Only 63% of all paper consumed in the United States is recovered for recycling according to the Paper Industry Association Council.


  1. C says:

    Are there box size limitations and must it be cardboard boxes?

    1. There is not a size limitation for boxes and they do not have to be cardboard boxes. If you have your documents in plastic bins, we will simply dump everything you have into the shredders and hand you back your box. I hope this answers your question and we look forward to seeing you there!

      ~ Erik

      1. C says:

        Wonderful!!! Thanks for your fast response

  2. Issues regarding fraud and identity theft are on the rise. For this reason more businesses are ensuring that their documents are permanently destroyed by using a paper shredding service. It is not just businesses using paper shredding services but also individuals with sensitive documents, governments, research companies, and more. A quality paper shredding service will ensure that documents are permanently destroyed.

  3. Tayler says:

    What are the hours for the San Antonio shred event? Thank you.

    1. Tayler, the event will be from 9am to 1pm. Hope you can make it!

      ~ Erik

  4. george brown says:

    how many boxes can you bring with things to shred?

  5. I love community shred days! Thank you for doing this and saving the environment.

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