FTC: “There’s (not) an app for that”

Those prone to breakouts are usually willing to try most anything they feel might help with their acne troubles. However, the FTC warns that two mobile apps “AcneApp” and “Acne Pwner” are misleading the market and making “baseless” claims.

Both apps claim to treat acne with colored lights emitted from smartphones.  Directions advise consumers “to hold the display screen next to the area of skin to be treated for a few minutes daily …” One ad claims, “Kill ACNE with this simple, yet powerfull tool!”

Marketers of the app have agreed to stop making these misleading claims.

As we’ve mentioned before, make sure to do research on any app you’re considering downloading. Make sure you are aware of what the app does, the cost, if any, and what personal information will be accessed.

Have you tried this app or know of someone who has? Let us know!

-Erin R.