Four tips for safely downloading mobile applications

Last year, approximately 11 billion mobile applications, or apps, were downloaded to tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. There are apps for playing games, checking the weather and staying current on local news. But not all apps are created equal. Before you download your next app, here a few things to know:

  • Not all apps are free. Your tablet or phone’s data plan may cover downloading apps or you may be charged per download. Read the terms and conditions for any app you want to download to understand if or how you will be billed. Many app stores require credit card information to create an account for purchases.
  • Some apps store a lot of personal information. Depending on what app you download, some can access phone and email contacts, call logs and other stored information on your mobile device. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with providing this information before you download an app.
  • Your location is required for many apps to function. Some apps use specific location data for maps, nearby coupons and information on who you might know nearby. Other apps provide this information to advertisers to build a profile and target marketing toward your specific interests.
  • Do not download an app from an unfamiliar website. Most app stores require pre-approval before any content is added for download. Clicking on links from unfamiliar websites leaves your mobile device susceptible to hackers and viruses.

Stay tuned for exciting news about a free BBB app which will allow mobile access to all of our services!