Scam Alert: Do NOT Respond to Emails from “”

BBB reminds local business owners that all email correspondence from our office will come from a valid address. Currently, an email from “” is circulating to businesses nationwide requesting verification and validation of a BBB rating review. The phony email address appears to originate from the Atlanta, GA. metro area stating the following:

“Our data shows a pending rating or review about you or your business. Derogatory/Negative reviews or ratings can impact you business profile and become permanently visible to customers, clients, vendors, and agencies. CONTACT OUR NOTIFICATION DEPARTMENT IMMEDIATELY FOR VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION OF THIS ALERT.”

Should your business receive the above email, please disregard its message. The Council of Better Business Bureau’s Legal Department is working to find out who is behind this and will take all appropriate action to protect the BBB trademark.



  1. Verification & Validation says:

    G’Day! Watchyourbuck,
    Thanks you for your post, If you recieve an email about something with no subject on it and the sender claims to be from the “Federal Republic of Nigeria” claiming that you are informed for something and they ask for your information like name address, phone number , etc…DON’T GIVE ANY INFO OUT ! IT IS A SCAM! BEWARE! Once I saw it I deleted it so you should too.This is the second one I have heared of that they say you have unclaimed property or money or of that nature, or of something that doesn’t have anything to do with you, please do not respond to it and do not send info. Why would the Fed Rep of Nigeria send emails??? They don’t do that so letting everybody know and stay alert from these things. Thanks for your time.
    Great Job!

    1. Thanks for the information! We appreciate you letting everyone know of this scam.

      ~ Erik

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