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Customers who feel like they have been duped by a business or scammers are often desperate to get their money back. One website is using that desperation to victimize them a second time. charges consumers an upfront fee of $1,500 to $2,000 for assistance in collecting money owed from businesses only to forward consumers’ complaints to Better Business Bureau. told one consumer that in order to help him collect money owed from a business he needed to pay 30 percent of the amount owed. The site requested half of the 30 percent upfront, which he paid.

After receiving the fee, asked the consumer to provide the details of the dispute so the site could determine whether to handle the “case.”  Afterwards, the consumer received an information packet that included an envelope addressed to BBB. told the consumer that it would recover his money within 90 days. It’s now been 90 days and the consumer tried to contact to no avail.

BBB wishes to remind all consumers that its services are free. Consumers never have to pay a third party in order to receive help from BBB. To file a complaint against a business, please fill out BBB’s online form or contact your local BBB.

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  1. albanese1929 says:

    I have been a victim of Online Business Scams who originally was listed at 1727 East Morten Ave. Phoenix, AZ . I was asked to give all the details of my complaint and also receiced a letter from BBB. I called 1-866 721 6296 ex 101 and was told the people at this number had handed clerical work for Trusted Results ( their other name) but did no longer because they had found out that they (Trusted Results- Online Business Scams) was “scamming people” and “they did not want anything more to do with them.) A few days agoe the person from Trusted Results called from what he said their new office and said they had gotten my money back but that I needed to pay $4000. more tor the bank they worked with to release the funds. Yellow Pages identified hhis new number as a Sprint Cell phone and BBB toldme his new address was UPS-Mail drop off. I did not send the money. My new motto: Never Assume. Always Check.
    Dorothy A. Wyatt ( If you have a scam in mind:: Do Not Call. Money’s Gone )

    1. Dorothy, I’m so sorry to hear the bad news. As soon as we hear about things like this, we try to warn folks. We’re a phone call away at (512) 445-2911 or online 24/7 at

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