Five Steps to Take if Your Car is Towed

There are few things more distressing than walking to where you parked your car and realizing it isn’t there. No one wants to be stranded, especially on vacation or late at night, but vehicles are towed every day for being illegally parked. Complaints against towing companies have risen 55% in the past 12 months and BBB advises the following if your car is towed:

1) Contact the towing company immediately. The company’s contact information should be displayed on a sign in the area where you parked.

2) Retrieve your car as quickly as possible. Many towing companies include a storage fee based on the amount of time a vehicle remains in their facility.

3) Inspect your vehicle before leaving. Make sure there is no damage from the tow and any items you had in the vehicle are accounted for. Take pictures for proof in case you need to fill out an incident report.

4) Ask for a detailed receipt. All fees rendered for towing and storing your vehicle should be itemized in writing. Review them carefully and ask for clarification before you pay.

5) Avoid paying with cash. Vehicle storage facilities must accept payment by electronic check, credit card or debit card for any fee or charge associated with delivery or storage of a vehicle.

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