Tips & Topics of the Week: June 9, 2011

  • Police are warning everyone to be careful of aggressive door-to-door salespeople. They didn’t suggest doing this, but they did go as far as saying that a homeowner would not face charges if they decide to squirt a trespasser with a hose if they remained on their property after being asked to leave…
  • An Austin based plumbing store mysteriously shut down this week, leaving many customers without products they’ve paid for but not yet received.  Are you one of them?
  • A local homeowner is upset that his pool is leaking and the company that built it is not willing to pay for the leak-detection test.  Good reminder to research if/how a company resolves complaints before you hire them!
  • Con artists are soliciting phony donations for the family of a recently slain Bexar County sheriff. BBB and the local police authorities want everyone interested in donating to know that donations are only being collected at Generations Federal Credit Union, where the Sheriff’s Office has set up a fund for the sheriff’s family.