How to protect yourself against credit card skimming

Reports of credit card skimmers at gas pumps continue to pop up throughout Travis County. Recently, Travis County deputies announced a crack down on credit card skimmers in the Wells Branch area over the past few weeks.

Last minute shopping for airfare deals

If you’re planning on flying this Thanksgiving or Christmas and haven’t bought your ticket, now is time to start looking for available flights. However, finding the best deal available can be tricky.

Home product discounts you’ll fall for in October

Take advantage of the cooler weather and money-saving deals available this month to do home spruce-ups. According to Consumer Reports, household items such as mattresses, interior paint and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are on deep discount throughout the month of October.

Is Equifax Calling?

Have you spoken to someone claiming to be calling on behalf of Equifax? If you have, chances are you spoke with a scammer looking to steal your personal information.

Lenovo to pay $3.5 million fine for selling laptops with adware that posed security threat

One of the world’s largest computer manufacturers has agreed to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission and 32 state Attorney Generals for selling laptops that contained pre-installed software which compromised security protections in order to deliver ads to consumers. According to the FTC, Lenovo began selling laptops with a preinstalled “man-in-the-middle” software program called VisualDiscovery in…

Weigh the options before co-signing a student loan

Getting a private loan will likely require a co-signer for students with little credit history. Anyone can co-sign if they meet the credit requirements, but guaranteeing someone else’s loan comes with risks.